Do Mice Repellent Pouches Work?

Mice repellent pouches

You’ve tried everything you can think of to get rid of the mice infesting your home. Perhaps traditional mouse traps were your first port of call.

They may have caught a couple of mice, but you’re not comfortable with the idea of a fatal “mouse eliminator” solution.

Cleaning up dead mice isn’t something you want to do, and you’d rather find a solution that keeps the mice away rather than actively hurting them. For those reasons, you might move on to non-fatal traps.

But mice are often too clever for those traps, meaning they don’t take the bait inside, and even if you catch one, you still have to dispose of it.

Wracking your brain to come up with a solution, you come up with nothing outside of buying a horde of cats to take on the mice (not the most practical solution).

In the end, you research solutions online, which is when you come across something that sounds promising – mouse repellent pouches.

These mice repellent bags come with bold claims that they can stop mice from gathering around the area in which they’re placed. That sounds perfect. But you have questions.

How do they work? How do you use them? And most importantly, can this natural mouse repellent solve the infestation problem in your home?

You’ll find the answers in this article, which explains why Mice Eliminator Pouches are so effective at driving mice away from your home.

Mice repellent pouches

What Are Mice Repellent Pouches?

The name gives the game away with mice repellent pouches – they’re bags that you place around your home, RV, or storage facility that actively repel mice.

Note the use of the word “repel” instead of “trap” or “kill.” That clues you into the fact that these mouse repellent bags aren’t designed to harm the mice you’ve discovered.

Rather, they use clever (and natural) means to dissuade mice from gathering in the area where you place the pouch.

How Do Mice Repellent Pouches Work?

It all comes down to smell.

Mice are interesting creatures when it comes to their sense of smell.

They have sensitive noses, meaning they can pick up the scent of food sources easily, and yet they start to struggle with odors when they are many background smells.

Interestingly, they’re also naturally wary of anything that smells “too fresh,” meaning they’re unlikely to gather in spots that have certain types of smells.

Mouse deterrent bags take advantage of this fact.

For instance, our Mice Eliminator Pouches use a special concoction of natural ingredients to create an odor that is so offensive to mice that they can’t stand to be around it.

Think of it as a similar effect to the one that the high-pitched squeal that some fireworks have on dogs. The dog immediately reacts to the sound, and may even run from it because it induces fear.

Mice have a similar reaction to mouse repellent pouches, though it’s not necessarily fear that sends them running. The smell the pouches emanate is simply one that indicates the area that they’re exploring is a bad place for them to gather.

By this point, you may be worrying about the odor that these pouches create. But you don’t need to worry. The smell created by Mice Eliminator Pouches is practically undetectable to humans.

And even if you could smell it, the essential oils used in the pouches create a pleasant smell, even as they act as a mouse repellent.

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The Science Behind Tougher Than Tom’s Mice Eliminator Pouches

The key to a natural mice repellent lies in the ingredients used to create it. Tougher Than Tom’s pouches use three essential oils:

  • Peppermint
  • Cedarwood
  • Cinnamon

Together, these essential oils create a fresh smell that makes mice extremely wary of the location in which they’re placed.

How? By overwhelming the rodent’s senses to the point where they abandon the area. Strong, fresh odors flood a mouse’s three main senses – smell, taste, and vision. The mouse can’t stand to be around them, which is why mice repellent bags work.

For a human comparison, think about what it’s like for somebody with hay fever to walk through a field of flowers.

They’re essentially triggering their allergies, creating a sensory overload that leads to watery eyes, irritation, and other allergic reactions.

Mouse repellent pouches aren’t exactly the same, but they trigger similar reactions in mice that make them want to get away from the area.

Let’s dig deeper into the three core ingredients.



Peppermint oil produces an extremely powerful and fresh smell, which irritates a mouse’s senses and causes it to run away from the area that contains the smell.

An article in the UK’s Daily Express newspaper goes into more detail, as the paper asked several experts why peppermint works so well. The experts explained that the answer is simple – mice can’t stand the strong smell.

Knowing this, Tougher Than Tom uses peppermint as the fresh base in its natural mice repellent.

And though this ingredient alone is often enough to deter mice from gathering, reinforcing it with other fresh smells makes the pouches even more effective.



The soft and woody smell of cedarwood is a pleasant addition to any home, but it’s anathema to a mouse. Like peppermint, the smell alone makes mice wary, dissuading them from gathering anywhere near Mice Eliminator Pouches.

But there may be another reason why mice don’t like cedarwood – it negatively affects their appetites.

In a study conducted by the National Toxicology Program, researchers tested the effects of applying cedarwood oil on mice.

They found that the oil caused hepatocyte glycogen depletion, which is the scientific way of saying that it made it harder for the mice to retain sugar in their bodies. The result – loss of weight and reduced appetite.

So, it appears it’s not just the fresh smell that makes mice wary of cedarwood. They may instinctively know that cedarwood oil has negative effects on their appetites, causing them to steer clear when they detect it.



Cinnamon is an interesting ingredient when it comes to mice.

In its solid food form, it’s actually good for mice, whether they know it or not. This is confirmed in several studies examined in Science Daily, which show that mice experience improvements in their memory and learning abilities when they’re fed cinnamon for a month. But if that’s the case, why would cinnamon be an effective ingredient to use in mouse repellent pouches?

Again, it comes down to the smell.

Cinnamon already has a fairly strong smell, though it’s not so strong that it deters mice. But when distilled into an essential oil, the fresh scent that cinnamon generates overwhelms a mouse’s senses in the same way that peppermint does. This is confirmed in a Daily Record article, which quotes an expert as saying that a cinnamon spray can serve as an excellent mouse repellent.

Combine cinnamon with peppermint and cedarwood, and you get a smell that’s so overwhelmingly fresh (and, ironically, pleasant to humans) that mice can’t handle it.

The Bad Ingredient That Tougher Than Tom Avoids

The fresh combination of essential oils discussed so far is enough to repel mice from any location. Now, let’s focus on an ingredient that you won’t find in Mice Eliminator Pouches – corncobs.

Strangely, many mouse deterrent bags use corncobs base ingredients. This makes little sense. Mice happily eat corn and may even be attracted by the scent, especially given that it’s not fresh enough to overwhelm their senses.

Tougher Than Tom avoids using corncobs. Instead, its Mice Eliminator Pouches use a natural mineral that mice don’t eat as their base, allowing the peppermint, cedarwood, and cinnamon in the pouches to do their jobs.

Mouse repellent pouches

How to Use Mouse Repellent Pouches

One of the best things about mice repellent pouches is that they’re extremely easy to use. Simply take one of the bags and place it in an area where you know mice have intruded before, or an area that you wish to keep free of mice.

Still, there are a few tips that help you to get the most out of your pouches, ensuring there isn’t a mouse in sight anywhere near where you lay them.

Tip 1 – Place Pouches in Areas with Low Airflow

Mouse repellent bags rely on scent to deter mice from gathering. By placing the pouches in areas that have high airflow, you essentially dilute the scene the bag produces, turning it from a powerful and fresh odor that mice hate into a less effective smell.

To avoid this issue, try not to place your pouches near open windows or vents. Your goal is to keep airflow low so the smell stays concentrated near the pouch in an area where mice are likely to intrude.

Speaking of which…

Tip 2 – Put Your Pouches Near Common Ingress Points

Mice are flexible little creatures.

Tiny gaps present no barriers to them, as they’re able to squeeze their bodies through holes as small as 0.8 inches in diameter. If your home has any small holes like this leading to the outside, including holes in the wall or even pipework that leads into the property, you have an ingress point for mice.

Place your mouse repellent pouches near those ingress points.

The smell will surround the hole, and likely transmit slightly outside, warding any intruding mice away. Of course, you have to keep the airflow issue in mind. Small holes don’t represent an airflow problem, but larger points of ingress may require you to find a way to seal them completely from the outside if mice are a problem.

Tip 3 – Don’t Rely on a Single Pouch

It’s a good rule of thumb to place one pouch against every wall in the room that you wish to keep free of mice. There are two reasons for this. First, you get total coverage around the room, ensuring mice won’t feel tempted to congregate near one wall and simply avoid the wall that smells bad to them. Second, having a pouch against each wall means you cover any points of ingress that you may not have spotted via a quick inspection.

Of course, pouch usage can vary depending on the size of the space. For example, if you have issues with mice invading a truck or RV cab, you may be able to get away with using a single pouch in that problem area, rather than filling the truck or RV with pouches.

Tip 4 – Squeeze and Refresh Your Mice Eliminator Pouches

Though Tougher Than Tom’s Mice Eliminator Pouches last for a long time but they don’t last forever. You’ll likely get between 30 and 90 days of use out of a pouch, depending on where it’s placed before it needs to be replaced. Keep track of when you placed your pouches. Just because mice were successfully deterred from an area in the past, that doesn’t necessarily stop them from intruding again if the smell they hate so much goes away.

Thankfully, you can extend the life of a pouch with a couple of simple tricks. Giving it a squeeze after a couple of weeks helps to activate the essential oils inside, releasing more of their odor into the air. It’s also a good idea to turn the pouch around every couple of weeks, which has a similar odor-releasing effect.

Tip 5 – Reseal Your Bag the Pouches Came In

Mice Eliminator Pouches come in bags of 10, and you may not need to use all 10 immediately. If that’s the case, avoid this crucial mistake – leaving your bag the pouches came in unsealed after you’ve removed the pouches you need.

An unsealed bag is open to the outside world, meaning the pouches inside release their scent before you’ve had a chance to use them. Tougher Than Tom makes avoiding this issue by using a resealable bag for your pouches. Simply put, there are no pegs or Saran wrap required to keep them closed.

Why Use Mouse Repellent Pouches Ahead of Other Mouse Elimination Techniques?

By now, you see why mouse repellent bags are so effective. Their scent is so powerful (at least to mice) that it wards off the rodents before you ever see them. While that makes the bags effective preventative measures, they’re also capable of ridding your space of currently intruding mice.

There’s just one question left to answer – why choose mouse repellent pouches ahead of other forms of mouse eliminators?

Reason 1 – Pouches Are Non-Fatal

As irritating as mice can be in your home, especially when they start destroying walls and wiring, you don’t want to kill them. They’re not dangerous to people, at least directly. You’d prefer to eliminate them using a method that doesn’t result in their death, both because you want a cruelty-free way to get rid of mice and because the task of clearing up a dead mouse isn’t pleasant.

Natural mouse repellent pouches satisfy your requirements for a safe way to eliminate mice. No traps or deaths are involved, with the pouches simply preventing mice from entering your home using a powerful smell.

Reason 2 – You Don’t Have to Figure Out How Where to Put a Caught Mouse

Of course, many types of mousetraps offer non-fatal solutions. The most common are self-closing boxes, which seal themselves shut when a mouse enters, trapping the mouse inside. Assuming such a trap works, you’re still left with a problem – where should you put the mouse?

You’ll likely hear different recommendations from different sources. For instance, PETA says that you should release the trapped mouse at least 100 yards away from your home, whereas some pest control companies recommend taking the mouse at least a mile away. Whatever your chosen distance, the simple fact is that the further the mouse is away from your home, the better.

Transporting a mouse is inconvenient. Plus, there’s always a possibility that the mouse may escape from its trap before you can get it far enough away, allowing it to make its way back to your home. You avoid these issues with mouse deterrent bags because they force mice to vacate your property of their own accord.

Reason 3 – They Affect Multiple Mice

There’s another problem with mouse traps – they can only catch one mouse at a time.

That won’t solve your problem if you have several mice to eliminate, and traps are a near-useless solution if the mice start breeding. Mice can breed between five and 10 times per year, birthing litters of up to eight or nine pups in the process. As such, they can soon overwhelm a location if you fail to deal with all of them.

Tougher Than Tom's pouches are highly effective at repelling mice because they use proven essential oils that mice hate. Mice run away when they smell peppermint, cinnamon and cedarwood oils so you don't have to worry about them!

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Use All-Natural Mice Eliminator Pouches to Keep Pests at Bay

There’s a simple reason why mouse repellent pouches are becoming more popular – they work.

Combining scents that mice naturally avoid, these pouches give you a cruelty-free way to keep a space free of mice. You don’t have to worry about physically handling mice, either, because the pouches stop mice from ever making their way inside your property.

You just need to get your hands on some pouches.

Tougher Than Tom’s Mice Eliminator Pouches are the most effective on the market thanks to their tri-blend of 100% natural essential oils, which send mice scurrying away. Protect your home, repel mice, and do it all without killing a single living creature with the help of Tougher Than Tom.

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