How To Naturally Repel Mice

How To Naturally Repel Mice

How to Naturally Repel Mice?

You shouldn’t get deceived by cute Ratatouille. Understand that mice at home are not as sanitary or friendly as the famous cartoon character. These are living in dirty places like sewers and carry diseases and germs inside our houses. You need to quickly get rid of them!

Here are some natural methods that you can try:

1. Try some coffee powder:

This is one of those things that is easily found in every household. But you may ask why coffee powder? One of the reasons being the mice having a smell sense that’s strong and coffee also has a fragrance that mice hate. Hence, any area that smells like coffee, will be avoided by mice. You just need a cup of coffee. Just put it over towel paper and then leave it on usual visiting places like kitchen countertop and your work is done. 

2. Heard of Noni Fruit?

Noni fruit is another great way for repelling mice. This is also called as the Indian Mulberry. It's not just good for human health, but also can repel mice. So, any place that you know of in your house that’s nesting home for the rats, place small pieces of the fruit. Keep in mind that as soon as the fruits begin drying, a replacement is needed. 

3. Don’t dump the eggshells!

Whenever you are making omelets or scrambled eggs for breakfast, don't throw the eggshells. These can be used for repelling rodents from home. When you have collected the eggshells for a few days, here is what you can do!

  • Take a blender, and powder the eggshells.
  • Dry this powder in the oven or under the sun.
  • Sprinkle this powder in places of mice hideouts.

This is one method that will also repel lizards and cockroaches, in case your house is not pest infected. What to do with the remaining powder? Just use this as a natural fertilizer for the plants.

4. Mice hate Peppermint oil and Cinnamon:

Mice tend to run away from the strong smell of cinnamon and Peppermint oil. These are also key ingredients that you will find in some of the natural and good quality repellents that you find in the market. The good thing about such repellents is that these natural ingredients are safe for children and the environment. And the best part is that it works and is cost-effective.

Both of these ingredients target the olfactory and primal sensory systems of the mice. That is the eyes, mouth, and nose together. We might find the refreshing smell of Peppermint oil refreshing and cinnamon calming, but it has an opposite effect on mice. They get irritated with such strong smells and leave the place in no time. 


So this was a simple guide on How to Naturally Repel Mice? You can try some of these remedies and it will surely work or you. Alternatively, you can get some eco-friendly and safe mouse repellents as these save so much of your time. 

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