How to Get Rid Of Mice Without Chemicals

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How to Get Rid Of Mice Without Chemicals?

Tired of searching online on how to get rid of mice without chemicals?

Well, gone are the days when people had the patience of using mouse traps as one of the tactics for keeping them away.

Here are some chemical-free remedies or mouse repellent pouches that you can give a try or making sure they are gone for good:

1. Pepper Mint Oil Works Great for Getting Rid Of Mice!

Peppermint oil is one of the effective ways to get rid of these rodents. You can just mix it with water and fill it in a spray bottle.

Then just spray it on areas of your home where you see them in often. 

You can also find some amazing natural products online that work the same and without the hassle of DIY.

These products usually also contain cinnamon oils that together works effectively on the olfactory system of mice. So when these mice walk on sprayed areas, they have the product stuck on their paws.

Then when they rub the head with it, the product gets distributed all over and is highly irritating to mice. You are sure you won't see them back any sooner. 

2. Cotton Ball And Vinegar Is Another Solution:

    One of the most aggressive vinegars that you find in the market is white vinegar. It also gives us a clue on how it can repel off mice.

    We already are aware of the strong smell of vinegar and are aware that a mouse hates them too.  

    There is a proper process that you should be following for this method:

    1. Mop the area, where you often see mice.
    2. You can use a mop and clean water to do so.
    3. Now soak cotton balls in vinegar, remember to wear gloves at the time. 
    4. Keep these balls in areas where you know rats' nests.
    5. Keep changing the cotton balls whenever the vinegar gets died.

    This method has to be followed till the time you feel, they have left your place. Also acid in vinegar can harm your skin, so make sure you are wearing good quality gloves. 

    3. Rodents Hate Durian:

      One of the infamous Durian that's avoided by the people of Singapore is also avoided by the mouse. So you know that it has a bad smell that's a combination of a used sock and onions.

      Mice hate it too.

      So place it at any place you think the mouse visits to2 your house. Near the drain or on the kitchen shelves. 

      4. Garlic for Repelling Mice:

        Not just vampires, but mice hate garlic as well. So whenever you are cooking with it, slice up a few more.

        Then wrap it in a paper towel or make small cotton cloth wrap with chopped garlic. 

        Now, you have to place it in an area that is affected. It will make sure that mice don't visit again!

        Final Words:

        This information must have been useful for your search on how to Get Rid Of Mice Without Chemicals? 

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