What Keeps Mice Away Permanently?

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Mice are some of the trickiest pests to deal with. Once they move in, it can be hard to get rid of them.

And the longer you wait, the more damage they can do, spreading diseases, gnawing at wires, and nibbling away at your food supplies.

Plus, if you’re unlucky enough to have a breeding pair in the house, mice can multiply fast – a minor infestation can transform into a large-scale situation.

In short, a mouse problem is a major problem, and homeowners will need to deal with it quickly, once they spot the signs. But what’s the best mouse repellent to use? Do mouse bags work even work?

That’s where this guide comes in. We’ll explain exactly how to get rid of mice naturally, exploring some tried and true mouse deterrent strategies you can count on to stop those pesky rodents for good.

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Method 1: The Power of Scents

The first method we’ll discuss is all about smells. Like most rodents, mice have a very keen sense of smell.

They’ve got lots of odor receptors, and they use their highly-tuned noses to sniff out food and danger from miles away.

In fact, their eyesight is pretty poor, so they rely massively on their noses to guide them to snacks and safety. And you can use that to your advantage.

Even though there are plenty of smells that draw mice in – like pet food, leftovers, fruit, cheese, and seeds – there are also several key smells that keep them out.

Indeed, many popular mice control products, like mouse away packets, use those smells to great effect.

If you make your home smell unappealing to mice, therefore, you’ll have a much better chance of keeping them out for good.

Here are a few examples of the strongest-smelling mice repellents.


A lot of the best-rated mouse repellent pouches make use of peppermint as an active ingredient, simply because it’s so good for getting rid of mice.

Why? Well, since they have such strong and sensitive noses, mice tend to be overwhelmed by sharp, intense smells.

And peppermint definitely fits into that category.

You can place mouse pouches with peppermint around your home, or seek out some peppermint oil and dab it in key areas.

You might also like to try diluting the oil and spraying it near doors and windows.


Cinnamon may make you think of pumpkin spice lattes and apple pie, but it doesn’t have the same cozy associations for mice.

They absolutely hate it, which is why it tends to show up so often in mice pouches and mice spray.

There are a few ways to use cinnamon as a natural mouse repellent. You can place the aforementioned pouches in key locations, burn sticks of cinnamon like incense, or even sprinkle cinnamon powder around the house.


The best mice repellent products also tend to contain cedarwood oil. Like peppermint, cedarwood has quite a strong, intense smell, perfect for irritating the noses of mice and rats.

Mice repellent spray often contains cedarwood, and you can spray that around to prevent those pests sneaking into your home.

You can also try soaking little cotton balls with cedarwood oil and leaving them near possible entry points to deter mice.

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Method 2: Eliminating Entry Points

Aromatic ingredients like cedarwood and cinnamon are among the fastest ways to get rid of mice.

But if you want to keep them out for good and prevent any further infestations, you also need to focus on blocking their points of entry.

Since they’re so small and flexible, mice can easily squeeze through the tiniest of holes and gaps.

This is especially true during winter. When the cold weather comes along, they’ll seek shelter wherever they can find it.

Luckily, there are a few ways you can stop them.

Seal Cracks and Gaps

Even the smallest gaps and cracks are wide open doors for mice. They have no trouble sneaking in through those tiny spaces beneath door frames and around windows or baseboards.

Therefore, one of the first things to do is seal up any gaps you find.

A caulk gun is a handy tool to use, though you may want to hire some professionals to carry out thorough exclusion work.

Repair Door and Window Damages

Got any old or damaged windows and doors around the home you’ve been meaning to repair or replace? If so, it might be time to get to work.

Mice and other rodents often target weak areas when they’re looking for a way inside.

Damaged doors and window frames are more likely to have little cracks mice can creep into or weak sections they can gnaw through. Get them fixed and strengthen your defenses.

Close Garage Doors

This one might seem obvious, but is often overlooked. A lot of people leave their garage doors open for extended periods while working on their cars or doing DIY projects.

During that time, mice can easily make their way inside undetected.

And once they’re in the garage, it’s not hard at all for them to sneak further into the home, entering the kitchen, living room, and beyond.

To minimize the risks, keep the garage door tightly shut whenever possible.

Check around the base of it too for any little drafts or gaps where mice could enter, and get it properly sealed if needed.

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Method 3: Getting Tidy and Organized

A tidy home is a happy home. And a tidy home is also far less likely to suffer a mice infestation.

Hence, another way to keep mice away permanently is to make sure your home is nice and tidy at all times, without any mess or temptations to draw mice in.

Seal Food in Airtight Containers

As mentioned earlier on, mice are drawn to certain smells, especially food. If they can smell leftovers or open cans and jars, they’ll do whatever they can to access those snacks.

People often make the mistake of leaving bags or boxes of pet food open, for example. And mice just love the smell of pet food.

Make sure to seal your food away in airtight containers. Don’t leave anything sitting out in the open air, and invest in some Tupperware boxes or glass jars to seal everything up.

That will not only lock in the odors, but it’ll also help your food stay fresher and tastier for longer, too.

The same logic applies for trash cans. Keep them sealed and shut at all times, as the pungent smell of food waste and leftovers is perfect for attracting mice.

Move Bird Feeders Far from the Home

Another surprising mice repellent method is to reposition any bird feeders you might have in your backyard.

Since bird feeders typically contain seeds, and mice love the smell of seeds, they’ll often be attracted to these feeders.

And if the feeders are too close to your property, it won’t take a mouse long to find a way inside.

By moving the feeders further away, you’ll make the mice less likely to come sniffing around outside your property.

Clean Up

It’s also important to get into good cleaning habits.

That means sweeping up mess and washing away stains and spillages as soon as they occur.

Don’t simply leave mess lying around. The smell can rapidly attract nearby mice. Instead, take action and keep your home nice and clean, using mops and vacuum cleaners often to wipe away and suck up crumbs that might be lying around.

Method 4: Bringing in a Predator Pal

If there’s one thing cartoons have taught us all, it’s that cats and mice don’t get on.

Therefore, if all else fails, or if you want an extra layer of protection against troublesome mice, you could choose to bring in your very own feline exterminator.

With their innate hunting instincts, cats can work wonders at seeking out mice and catching them.

Better still, their very presence can be enough to stop new mice moving in – many mice can detect the smells of cat urine and litter from afar, and tend to keep their distance if they think a cat is nearby.

Of course, this method isn’t for everyone.

Some people are allergic to cats. Others don’t have the time or inclination to care for a pet. And some cats aren’t quite as good hunters as others.

But if you’re a cat person and have the necessary time, money, and space, adopting a feline may not be a bad option.

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Keep Mice Away for Good with These Proven Techniques

Mice may seem sweet or even cute to some, and they’re not bad as pets. But when wild mice sneak into your property, you won’t want to live with them for long.

They can wreak havoc in a home, spreading germs and posing a genuine health threat to every member of the household.

Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to keep those little critters away.

Tidy up the place, make use of mouse repellent smells, and seal up any cracks or gaps to safeguard your home against an invasion.

Alternatively, for an even more effective solution, consider Tougher Than Tom’s Mice Eliminator Pouches. Packed with key ingredients that mice hate, these all-natural, 100% safe pouches are perfect for preventing rodents from moving in to begin with.

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