Is DEET Dangerous

Is DEET Dangerous

Is DEET Dangerous?

Even after constant assurances that we get about this chemical, customers still have concerns over Is DEET dangerous? Do we need to be worried about it? One thing is for sure that we don't want to be a buffet for these bloodthirsty insects. But we also need to make sure that we are away from the toxic substance. Here is all of the information that you need regarding DEET.

What is DEET?

Well, this is a chemical called N diethyl meta toluamide. This is a yellow liquid that can be applied to the skin for repelling insects like mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks. The chemical was made by USDA chemists in the 1940s. Then in the 50's it had been commercialized.

Since then it is a true repellent. They work by preventing them to even get closer to us in the first place and don't kill mosquitoes. There is still a bit of mystery that surrounds its working. Some theories suggest that it blocks the ability of mosquito for smelling CO2 exhaled by humans. The other theory says that it's just bad smelling to insects and hence repelling in nature as they avoid contact with DEET.

Is DEET Dangerous or Safe?

Most of the evidence indicated that when DEET is used as per directions, it is safe. There is something that you can consider:

1. DEET Poisoning Incidence Has Been Very Low:

There has been a definitive assessment of DEET done. And it was observed that just 1 case per 100 million usages showed the potential link between seizures and DEET. 

2. Most Reported Cases Have Misused DEET Products:

The most typical cases of DEET for toxicity showed that the use was not done as per the instructions. The consumers that had followed the instructions provided well, had vanished the risks involved with DEET. 

3. Most Cases Showed Mild Toxicity:

Another analysis said that90 percent of the cases had been treated at home. Then the ones that were referred had been discharged after the simple examination.

4. No evidence to prove that DEET can cause cancer: 

DEET hasn't been classified as a carcinogen by the Human Services Department or EPA. There hasn't been seen an increase in tumors observed when DEET has applied in liquid form on the skin. One of the Swedish studies had been non-conclusive and faulty that suggested cancer caused due to DEET. 

FAQ about DEET:

  1. Does DEET kill mosquitoes?

No DEET repels mosquitoes, it doesn’t kill them. This chemical mainly interferes with receptors and neurons present on antennae that detect carbon dioxide.

  1. Are DEET products safe for children?

Products containing DEET can be used for children and are safe. Make sure that you read labels correctly. Only buy products from a reputed brand offering quality products.

Final Words:

When used in the right manner DEET has been able to prevent several diseases caused by insects. But in case you are still in doubt, you can go for natural alternatives available in stores. These contain essential oils that can assist with repelling mosquitoes. 



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