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Mosquito TNT

This All-Natural Device Eliminates
Mosquitoes (So You Can Enjoy
Your Time Outdoors Again!)

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    Effective for 6 Weeks

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    Covers Up to an Acre of Land

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    Safe Around Kids & Pets

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Eliminate Mosquitoes


Mosquito TNT

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Naturally Attracts Mosquitoes

Just add water to our all natural solution and mosquitoes won't be able to resist it. Once they drink it, their bodies will explode (like TNT!) and you can enjoy your outdoors again.

No Crazy Chemicals

Unlike other companies, there are no hard to pronounce chemicals in our solution. You'll be happy knowing this is all natural.

Safe Around Kids and Pets

It can be scary when you don't know if the mosquitoes or the chemical ridden sprays are worse, luckily you don't need to bother with either of them!

Covers 1 Acre for 6 Weeks

Place the 4 jars around the perimeter of your property and safely enjoy your outdoors for weeks without worrying about mosquitoes!

Using Mosquito TNT is Simple & Easy

Natural Solution

Add All Natural Solution to Jars

Each package comes with 4 jars and 4 packets of our mosquito TNT.

Warm Water

Add Warm Water

Adding warm water activates the TNT.

Perimeter of Property

Place Around Perimeter of Property

Mosquitoes won't be able to resist them once you hang them around your property.

Happy Customers


Review Stars

Ann V.


I very rarely ever sing the praises of products ... but here goes... I live in the middle of thick woods... on a ridge overlooking the Mississippi delta... and mosquitoes have eaten me alive every year... to the point that I cannot even enjoy being outside after 4pm... I put out these mosquito control products in mid-March (they last three months and I used the four tube starter set for my two acres) and I am sitting outside at the end of May at 8:15 pm and am not getting bitten... now that's not to say that I never see a mosquito, but it is NOTHING like it usually is at this time of the year...I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this to all country folks! You gotta get you some!

Review Stars Verified Purchase Checkmark

Richard S.


IT WORKS! Was skeptical but willing to give it a try. I have a 1/4 acre lot, but hung 4 tubes anyway. A little overkill, but my neighbors have gardens next to my property. Read and follow the directions to best place the tubes. Avoid tap water if you can. I hung the tubes March 22nd. On April 4th we had zero mosquito bites, even though the conditions were hot, humid, and no wind. Goodbye fogged. Hello TOM.

Review Stars Verified Purchase Checkmark

Sam W.


My house in a lower part of my neighborhood near a slow flowing/still creek. Because of this there's some standing water in the area. And I live in Missouri... nuff said. We simply couldn't hang outside in the yard without moving without being eaten alive. A friend told me the MOSQUITO TNT worked really well for him, so I hung one in each corner of my yard in mid spring (the recommended window where I live in MO) and also coordinated with a neighbor so we have pretty good coverage of the area. I can now confidently say without fear of jinxing our awesome yard situation, that THIS STUFF WORKS! Although I've seen a few skeeters, as of June 26th absolutely not one mosquito bite this year. Crazy!!!! So glad I found this because I would never spray nasty toxins on my yard. I'd rather itch all summer than poison my child and the bee population.

Review Stars Verified Purchase Checkmark

Al M.


It really works! We live in upstate NY, surrounded by woods and wetlands. It used to be intolerable to be outside, after sunset, from May to Early September. The mosquitoes were intolerable. I put two of these up between the nearest wet area and our yard. First thing I noticed was the swarm that was following me, as I was heading out in the woods, to place the bait. Within days, the population diminished. Within a week, I only saw 1 or two. Night and day. I had to add a few more when it got really hot and humid, but this is a game changer here. It's a bit pricey, but totally worth it to be able to get outside without being eaten.

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Mosquito TNT

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