The Dangers of Common Pest Control Chemicals

The Dangers of Common Pest Control Chemicals

The Dangers of Common Pest Control Chemicals

Nobody likes rats, spiders, or any other pests in the homes, but we also don't want poisonous chemicals either. The truth remains that most of the pest outdoor control products that you find in the market do contain harsh toxic chemicals when they are working on the pest killing duty. So if you can find a natural product, environment-friendly, and safe to use, don't skip using it! 


Here are some of the dangers key points to know about chemicals used for pest control:


1. Threat On Safety For People And Pets:

Unless you have a outdoor mosquito control product that is careful about using sustainable and safe ingredients, the chemicals that are being used are likely dangerous not just for you but also for any children or pets that you have at home. Some of the chemicals are known carcinogens and others might instigate asthma, cause developmental issues, and even reproductive disability.

2. Disease Risks:

Several pesticides are scientifically linked for the onset of some diseases like brain cancer, Parkinson's, birth defects, and Alzheimer's. Some of these containments are even found in the umbilical cord of babies as well as breast milk! It is scary to know how far the poisons can go. So make sure you aren't relying on the heavily chemical-based pest control substances at your home. 

3. Severe Damage to the Environment:

Apart from the extreme effect that it can have on human health, these chemical pesticides are also bad for Mother Nature. Just one application of such products can spread in the environment through the wind, get mixed with groundwater, be toxic for aquatic life, and gets the ecosystem in jeopardy. A lot of people aren't aware that a lot of the chemicals have been banned by the government 40 years ago, still, these are found in some of the food's that we eat even today.


Are There Any Alternatives?

Fortunately, a lot of companies have realized their mistake. Also, a change has come in the awareness amongst people gradually. There are now some safer alternatives available that are chemical-free, safe, and easy to use. You can find some of the products containing ingredients like cinnamon and peppermint oil as base ingredients that get rid of pests and doesn't harm the environment or pose risk to human health.

Such changes are crucial for the future so that we aren’t poisoning each and everything that comes our way. The toxic chemicals being used today, if not stopped can become a way bigger danger than the bugs for which we are using them for. 

Bottom Line:

These pesticides will eventually be in everything that we drink, eat, and breathe!

So make sure that you share this information on the dangers of common pest control chemicals with your near and dear ones, and only buy products that are natural and safe for everyday usage. Also, regardless of the fact you have mice in your home or not, make sure that you are removing food scraps and trash routinely. Prevention is certainly better than cure.  


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