How To Prevent Your Bath Rug From Smelling

How To Prevent Your Bath Rug From Smelling

How to Prevent Your Bath Rug from Smelling?

Bathroom rugs and mats are made typically from material that has an absorptive nature and also retains odors along with water. Over time, this can lead to mat smelling and creates a scent that comes from the mat and spreads in the area around. So How to Prevent Your Bath Rug from Smelling?

Well, one needs a regular maintenance procedure to be followed, so that your bath mat works well and lasts a long time. Here we will be discussing some of the best ways for cleaning and deodorizing the bath rug making sure no residue buildup can cause several health issues as well:

Can Baking Soda clean Bath Rugs?

Well, one of the simplest go-to DIY that you can try is the use of baking Soda. It is a good odor absorber that can go deep inside the mat and neutralize the smell. It can also be applied easily over the fabric and is a good alternative If you want to delay the wash for some time. However, this might not be a strong solution, and you will have to keep repeating it several times for complete odor removal.

Bathroom Rug Deodorizing Bags:

Now, this is one of the products that can be very useful and easy for preventing bathroom rugs from smelling. Instead of going for baking soda that you constantly have to re-apply, you can also invest in a natural, safe, and non-toxic odor bag. These contain activated Charcoal as the key ingredient. Therefore unwanted odors are instantly absorbed, without the need for taking time out for DIY that can be a hassle. 

Have Proper Ventilation:

Make sure that you are making use of Bathroom fans often. You can also switch the wire with your light. It makes sure that the exhaust fan stays on as long as the bathroom is being used. It is a good way for venting moisture so that the area is usually odor-free and remains dry making sure there is no growth of mildew bacteria and mold. 

Some Additional Tips:

  1. You should be aware that bathroom mats can have bacterial growth over it with time. Therefore you should be washing them at least once every week.  And then dry it under the sun as it works as a natural sterilizer for the mats as well. 

  1. You can also try purchasing bamboo, cork, or wood mats. These are a lot resistant to mold and odors. Therefore you will have to wash it less frequently. Making its maintenance easier. 

Final Thoughts:

After you come out of the shower, you want to step on something clean, odor-free. It is also vital as our feet are in contact with bacteria for a long time throughout the day we need to make sure we find ways to lower this as much as we can. For preventing Bathroom rugs from smelling we need to make sure that we are using safe quality products that can help with the issue. Additionally cleaning it often so that the odor can be kept at bay for a longer period. 


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