How to Naturally Repel Mosquitoes and be a mosquito killer?

How to Naturally Repel Mosquitoes

How to Naturally Repel Mosquitoes and be a mosquito killer?

Sure mosquitoes might be tiny, but they sure are mighty! Anybody living in mosquito prevalent areas has to constantly struggle with finding effective ways for mitigating them. And not just are these insects causing diseases like yellow fever, malaria, and the fatal dengue, people also suffer the usual symptoms that are caused by every mosquito bite. This is certainly irritating and annoying. Then what do we do? The mosquito killers bought from the store might help in reducing the probability of you getting a bit. However, these have chemicals that are bad for you as well as the environment. Look no further if you are searching for "How to Naturally repel Mosquitoes”? We understand the difficulty of keeping insects and bugs away from your house.

Try some of these methods when you see these mosquitoes in your environment and want to become an absolute mosquito killer!

1. Dry Ice:

This is a method that's a bit time consuming but good. You have to place dry ice in a trap or container. Because of the carbon dioxide emission, the mosquitoes will get attracted. Then they get trapped and die in the container. Make sure that while handling dry ice you have gloves on. This is an extreme product and gets even harms your skin if handled for a long time.

2. Pinion Wood:

You can begin burning some pinion wood and can be used for outdoors. The smell starts killing mosquitoes quickly. They are not able to handle their smell and start dying almost instantly.

3. Play Some Music:

Now, this is a fun experiment to try. There is some worthy scientific research that backs up this claim. Research has shown that mosquitoes do respond to vibrations of low-frequency. So the scientists decided to introduce the mosquitoes to something that's a noise like a song scary monsters by Skrillex and dubstep. And it did work. The research published in Acta Tropica said that listening to the song made female mosquitoes less attacking. 

4. Make Use Of Natural Repellents If Needed:

So we understand that everybody is not a fan of market bought products, but sometimes while dealing with mosquitoes you just have to. It's known that mosquitoes get attracted to Carbon dioxide and heat from the human body. There are proven and effective mosquito repellents that work with the same concept in mind. So the product attracts mosquito towards it and overtime kills the mosquitoes. These need to be placed at some distance of your home, so that mosquitoes stay away.

The Safe Way for Using Mosquito Repellents:

  1. Never use repellent sprays on the face and mouth. 
  2. You can use them over your clothes. 
  3. Never use repellents over irritated skin, wounds or cuts. 


We all are searching for How to Naturally Repel Mosquitoes over the internet constantly. There are some dangers caused by the toxic chemical-based products that you get in the market. It's better to refrain there usage. You can easily try the remedies that we mentioned above and they will surely work for you! 

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