Mosquitoes Worst Nightmare

Mosquito Swatter

$14.99 $19.99 -26% OFF

Mosquito Swatter

$14.99 $19.99 -26% OFF
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Presenting the Mosquito Swatter – your ultimate ally in the battle against pesky mosquitoes. This cleverly designed, tennis racket-style swatter eliminates mosquitoes with ease, enhancing your comfort and ensuring your environment remains pest-free. Convenient and effective, the Mosquito Swatter offers a lightweight, easy-to-use solution that makes mosquito control safe and effortless. Experience the satisfaction of a mosquito-free zone with our innovative swatter – peace of mind is now within your grasp.

    • Immediately kills mosquitoes on contact
    • Protective layer prevents unintentional shock
    • Rechargeable - Just plug right into your outlet!
    • Built in light helps find pesky mosquitoes
    Mosquito swatter 1 Swatter $14.99/ea Mosquito Swatter MEGA Pack - buy 2 get 1 FREE offer! 3 Swatters Buy 2 Get 1 FREE! $9.99/ea you save $14.99


    So.. How Does It Work? Easy!

    Kills Mosquitoes Instantly

    Instantly kills mosquitoes on contact! The large surface area of the racket ensures even the clumsiest of people can get the job done.

    Doesn't Shock Humans

    The Mosquito swatter contains a protective layer that prevents it from shocking humans. The mosquitoes aren't so lucky!


    Simply plug the Mosquito Swatter into an outlet to charge. Lasts months on a single charge!

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